How does artificial turf impact the environment

When it first became a product that the public was allowed to purchase and install in their lawns, a lot of people had questions about how artificial turf would impact the environment. It is a fake grass carpet that you place over your lawn. It’s made of rubbery plastic and it’s blocking the ground from any sort of rain and sunlight. Most people thought that putting this in your yard would harm the environment more than it would help, but that is where those people were wrong. Artificial turf is actually better for the environment and the reason why may surprise you. 

When you have a natural grass lawn, you have to water it to keep it fresh. You also put chemicals into it to keep the weeds away and you use lawnmowers to keep the grass trimmed. All of these things are hurting the environment. If you have a gas-powered mower, this is putting fumes into the air that is bad for it. If you water your yard constantly, that is taking a lot of freshwater from places that are having a drought and need freshwater. And the chemicals speak for themselves as to why it’s bad to put those in the grass.

While yes, artificial turf is made of plastic material you do not have to water it, you do not have to mow it and you don’t have to put any chemicals into it to make it look and feel the way that it does. That makes the artificial turf safer than natural grass in a lot of ways.

And whenever you are done with the artificial turf? It doesn’t get thrown away, it can be recycled. This makes it even better because you aren’t just adding more trash into the world but instead, it can be used to make even more artificial lawns for other people who are interested in purchasing it.

If you are interested in helping the environment, look into artificial turf. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results that you find.

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